Messiah's Vineyard Ministries is currently raising and collecting donations for local charities involving needy children and adults. Join us at our weekly Sabbath worship and fellowship we call Shabbat Night Alive (join our private group on Facebook). We invite all who wish to participate in our weekly Shabbat to contact us. Musicians, teachers, and singers are also invited to be involved in our services by praising and worshiping our Father YaHWeH.   Join us in fellowship and make new  friends and meet your neighbors. Study in detail the Torah, The Prophets and the Gospel of Yeshua. Come and pray with us for YaHWeH  guidance and direction in our lives to include those who need His divine touch of healing.  After our service, dine with us and  bring your favorite recipie(s) to share with the congregation (Kohser type food only please).

Michael and Missy Webb

Local Congrgtion of Messiah's Vineyard Ministries

Gulf Shores, Alabama

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‚ÄčMichael and Missy do not take any portion of the donations for themselves, all donations are given to local charities that help needy children and elderly in Baldwin County and surrounding areas. Please contact via e-mail or by telephone if there is a specific mission you wish to donate to, let us know. Michael and Missy information as follows: Michael - or (336) 260-4742 / Missy -