Ihave followed Christ for 40 years next December. I have always seen miracles, and thought I had a Guardian Angel when I was small. I would see him in dreams and he would warn me of danger. When I got older, I realized it was Jesus Christ. He has saved my life many times and even before I began to truly follow him. I always believed his Word. He said, "In the time of trouble call on me and I will deliver you, and you will glorify me." Satan must have really wanted me dead, because I called on Him many times when I was a sinner, and he never failed to save me. I taught my children this and my daughter's story was published in 2 books. When we lived on a small island in the N. Pacific, He saved me four times, two of those I didn't know to call on him, but he saved me anyway. The most amazing was the last time. It happened a couple of years before I left the island, and returned to Israel. I'll start with the last time, first.

 I raised my children on the island. We had a beach house where I raised the kids and later, a ranch in the mountains. My brother, Ben stayed at the ranch, but we all had rooms there, it was a 2 story ranch house. One afternoon, I was headed down to the house from the ranch, when on a hair pin curve, I hit an oil slick. There was a hundred-foot drop-off on the left side. I hit the brakes and slid over the center line heading off the drop off! I suddenly found myself in midair going off the side of the mountain! I screamed, "Yeshua!!" as loud as I could!  I was headed for a mass of trees at the bottom, Then, I suddenly found myself BACK on the road, just beyond the curve! I was even on the correct side of the road--just driving along! My legs were shaking so bad I could hardly drive! 

 My son came along and I told him what happened. He looked at the road and pointed out my black skid marks going off the road to the opposite cliff side. He said ‚ÄúThis is where you went off?!!" It was! There was no way I could have stopped the car or turned around and came back! Yeshua just gave me a HUGE miracle! Glory to His Holy Name!

The time before this, I was coming home one night, driving my Jeep Cherokee, and I was going about 40MPH when I saw something dark ahead of me on the road, so I slowed and hit my bright. . When I did, I saw a pickup truck with a boat in tow!  It was parked midway in the road and had no parking lights! I just managed to slow down in time, and go around him safely. I told my son when I got home. He said, "Mom! That was a miracle!" I said, Why? He said, "I'll show you why!" He took me out to the garage, and into the car, he showed me 2 cut lines. He said, "THESE are the cables to your bright! I had to cut them today when I was working on your steering wheel! You didn't have any bright!"  I didn't even call on him this time! But he saved me anyway! Praise to God!

 The third time it was the day before thanksgiving. I was planning a party at lunch for friends and family so, I was home alone and cooking late. Around midnight, I stopped and was putting away things into the deep freezer, when I heard a voice, masculine, coming from the kitchen, say, "Are you prepared to die?!"  Stunned, I said, "urrrrh, NO!" I knew the voice was not of this world because it had an echo to it, and I had heard this before! Once, years before, I heard him call my name and stop me before I stepped in front of a truck! I wondered what it could possibly mean. 

 The next morning, I got up early to resume my cooking. I went to the stove and immediately noticed a burner left on low. It had a pan of oil on it! I grabbed the oil, then, I felt the burner and it was cold, so I turned on another and it didn't heat up. So I went to the fuse box and the switch to the stove was thrown to OFF position! THEN I knew what took place the night before!

 I always disabled my kitchen smoke detector because a boiling pot made it go off! As tired as I was, I would have never woken, up or got out of a fire! I guess I did ask him this time by saying "No", God is so Faithful!

The first time he saved me on the island, I was swimming in an unfamiliar place, in a lagoon. The water was calm inside, but the sea was rough that day, with white caps. I was there with a teacher friend and her child and my daughter. I was floating on my back, when suddenly I was sucked out and caught in an undertow! I was taken deep; it is about 70 ft. to the bottom off the reef! I hardly had any air, as it happened too fast to get a gulp of air, I was swimming like mad for the surface! I broke the top and saw a rock ledge off to the side of me and tried to swim for it but the current was too strong and taking me out to sea, I said, "Oh God please help me" in my mind and I heard a telepathic male voice say, "Hook your legs together by your feet, and then swim like a fish, moving your legs back and forth." I did it and I moved right through the current and pulled myself onto the rocks and walked back into the reef!

 So many people know the promise of Yeshua to save us in the day of trouble. But not many people think to call on his name! Do it, without doubting, no matter what is happening! He Will truly save you! I am living proof!

The power of His Name Yeshua